Saturday, 6 May 2017

Magnitude 6.2 Earthquake in northwest British Columbia.

Natural Resources Canada recorded a Magnitude 6.2 Earthquake at a depth of 2.2 km, beneath the Tatshenshini-Alsek Provincial Wilderness Park in northwestern British Colombia, slightly before 7.20 am local time (slightly before 2.20 pm GMT) on Monday 1 May 2017. There are no reports of any damage or casualties associated with this event, but people have reported feeling it across much of northwest British Columbia and the southern parts of the Yukon Territory and Alaska. The area has been hit by a number of aftershocks since the original event.
The approximate location of the 1 May 2017 British Columbia Earthquake. USGS.
Northwest British Columbia lies on the North American Plate, close to the Queen Charlotte Fault, along which the Pacific Plate is being subducted beneath North America. This is not a smooth process, with the plates constantly sticking together then breaking apart as the tectonic stresses build up, something we experience as Earthquakes.
 Map showing the boundary between the Pacific and North American Plates alomg the coast of British Columbia. Irving et al. (2012).
Witness reports can help geologists to understand the processes going on in Earthquakes and the structures in the rocks that cause them. If you felt this quake you can report it to Natural Resources Canada here.
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  4. These quakes have continued for some time now. I am trying to learn exactly what kind(s) of movements are going on in the earth here. And at least one of these the events listed on the USGS site are posted as "Other Event" rather than an earthquake ( )at a depth of 1.8 km. I have been trying to find out what that was as well. Do you have any info or can you point me in a direction to find some?