Wednesday 3 February 2016

Ethiopia experiences a rain of Fish.

The According to Dire Dawa Agriculture, Water, Mining and Energy Bureau has reported a ran of Fish falling in a number of locations in and around the city of Dire Diwa in northeastern Ethiopia which fell about 11.30 pm on Wednesday 20 January 2015. This has been widely proclaimed as a miracle locally, though experts from organizations such as the Ethiopian Agricultural Research Institute and Department of Meteorology at Haromaya University have been a pains to explain that this is a natural, if somewhat uncommon, phenomenon.

Fish which fell as rain in Dire Diwa, Ethiopia, on 20 January 2015. ECADForum.

Rains of Fish (and occasionally other small aquatic animals such as Amphibians) occur when tornadoes over bodies of water suck up volumes of water including the Fish. That this could lead to rains of Fish very far from the site seems counterintuitive, but tornadoes are capable of lifting heavy objects such as cars and even houses and throwing them considerable distances, and small animals such as Fish can be thrown kilometers into the air by such events, falling to Earth a long way from the site where they were picked up. 

The location of Dire Diwa.  Google Maps..

Tornadoes are formed by winds within large thunder storms called super cells. Supercells are large masses of warm water-laden air formed by hot weather over the sea, when they encounter winds at high altitudes the air within them begins to rotate. The air pressure will drop within these zones of rotation, causing the air within them so rise, sucking the air beneath them up into the storm, this creates a zone of rotating rising air that appears to extend downwards as it grows; when it hits the ground it is called a tornado. 

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