Monday, 13 June 2016

Eruption on Mount Popocatépetl

The Mexican National Centre for Disaster Prevention reported an  eruption on Mount Popocatépetl, a stratovolcano (cone shaped volcano made up of layers of ash and lava) in the central part of the country, on Sunday 12 June 2016. This began with the appearance of incandescent (glowing material) in the crater of the volcano overnight, followed by a series of smaller eruptions and a larger event slightly after 11.15 am local time,  which produced an ash column which rose 3 km over the summit of the volcano.

Ash column over Mount Popocatépetl on 12 June 2016. Chuy Torres/Twitter/Earth of Fire.

Major eruptions on Popocatépetl are a cause for concern as the volcano is in a densely populated area, with 30 million people living within the potential hazard zone. The last major eruption, a Plinian (or Vesuvian) event in about 800 AD, triggered a series of pyroclastic flows and lahars that scoured the basins around the volcano.

  The location of Popocatépetl. Google Maps.

The volcanoes of the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt (including Popocatépetl) are fuelled by the subduction of the Cocos Plate beneath the North American Plate along the Middle American Trench to the south of Mexico. As the subducting plate sinks into the Earth it is melted by the heat and pressure, and volatile minerals liquefy and rise through the overlying North American Plate as magma, fuelling Mexico's volcanoes. 

The subduction of the Cocos Plate beneath the North American Plate in Mexico, and how it leads to volcanoes and Earthquakes.

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