Monday, 8 December 2014

A new species of Mysid Shrimp from Lombok Island, Indonesia.

Mysid Shrimps of the genus Gastrosaccus, are found in coastal waters from the Western Atlantic across the Indian Ocean to the East Pacific. They are small in size, typically less than 10 mm, but are harvested for human consumption in many places.

In a paper published in the journal ZooKeys on 1 September 2014, Yukio Hanamura of the Japanese National Research Institute of Fisheries Science, Rose Mantiri of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science at the University of Sam Ratulangi and Susumu Ohtsuka of the Takehara Marine Science Station at Hiroshima University describe a new species of Gastrosaccus from Lombok Island in Indonesia.

The new species is named Gastrosaccus lombokiensis, meaning ‘from Lombok’. It is described from twelve male, three female and three juvenile specimens collected by push net from Padak Guar Beach on the northeast coast of Lombok in June 2010. The adult specimens range from 4.0 to 7.5 mm in length.

Gastrosaccus lombokiensis, male specimen in lateral view. Hanamura et al. (2014).

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