Wednesday 9 April 2014

Kazakhstan home swallowed by sinkhole.

A house was swallowed by a giant sinkhole at Ridder in eastern Kazakhstan on Tuesday 3 April 2014. The hole, measuring roughly 50 m across and 110 m deep opened abruptly at about 2.30 pm, swallowing the home rapidly, though not so fast that three people inside the building, including a 28-year-old mother and her newborn son, were not able to escape to safety. 480 local residents have been evacuated from 120 other houses close to the incident.

The home in the process of being swallowed by the Ridder sinkhole. Emergency Services of East Kazakhstan Oblast Press Service.

The precise cause of the sinkhole is unclear, though it is understood that the bottom of the sinkhole reaches the Ridder-Sokolsky mine, which is close to the affected property, and that mine operators Altyn Tau-Vostok JSC have accepted responsibility for the incident and will pay compensation to those affected. Around 500 staff have been evacuated from the mine, which is temporarily closed while the Paramilitary Mine Rescue Squad of the Emergency Department carries out an investigation on behalf of the Prosecutor of East Kazakhstan Oblast.

The approximate location of the Ridder Sinkhole. Google Maps.

Video of the house collapsing into the sinkhole from YouTube.

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