Monday 10 September 2012

Earthquake off the coast of New South Wales.

On Monday 10 September 2012, slightly before 4.25 pm, Geoscience Australia recorded a Magnitude 3.2 Earthquake roughly 60 km of the coast of New South Wales, at or close to the seabed (which may reflect a submarine landslip). This is to small and to far offshore to present any danger, and Geoscience Australia estimate that it should not have been possible to feel it from land. However local newspaper the Express Advocate was reportedly 'inundated' by reports from people who felt the quake, and the United States Geological Survey received witness reports from as far away as Sydney and Newcastle.

Map showing the Area over which Geoscience Australia predicted people were likely to feel shaking (black circle). Geoscience Australia/Google Maps.
Map showing the areas where people reported shaking to the United States Geological Survey; larger circles represent more witness statements, purple circles that more severe shaking was reported than blue circles. USGS.

Witness statements can help geologists to understand Earthquakes and the geological processes that cause them; if you felt this quake you can report it to Geoscience Australia here.

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