Tuesday 13 June 2017

Boalda poguei: A new species of Owlet Moth from Paraguay,

Owlet Moths, Noctuidae, are an extremely large and diverse group of Moths, found on every continent and significant landmass except Antarctica. The adults are mostly small and dull, though some are brightly coloured, with many species being important pollinators. The larvae can be herbivores or carnivores, with many species considered to be significant agricultural pests.

In a paper published in the journal Zootaxa on 9 June 2017, Paul Goldstein of the Systematic Entomology Laboratory at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History describes a new species of Owlet Moth from Paraguay, as part of a review of Moths of the genus Boalda.

The new species is named Boalda poguei, in honour of Michael Pogue, one of the collectors of the specimens from which the species is described. The species is described from three male specimens, all collected in the Parque Nacional Teniente Enciso in Boquerón Department, Paraguay. These are small, with a forewing length of 8 mm, and russet in colour with pink and white markings.

Boalda poguei, male specimen in dorsal view. Goldstein (2017).

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