Wednesday 27 September 2017

Coeliccia duytan: A new species of White-legged Damselfly from the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

White-legged Damselflies, Platycnemididae, are a large group of Damselflies found across the Old World. The genus Coeliccia is the largest in the family, containing about 60 species found from India east to Japan and Indonesia.

In a paper publishd in the journal Zootaxa on 26 September 2017, Quoc Toan Phan of the Entomology & Parasitology Lab at Duy Tan University describes a new species of Coeliccia from Chu Mom Ray National Park in the Kon Tum Province, in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

The new species is named Coeliccia duytan, in honour of Duy Tan University. It is described from eleven male and three female specimens, found close to streams beneathe a dense forest canopy. Both sexes are black in colour, with yellow and blue markings.

Coeliccia duytan in nature (a) male; (b) female. Phan (2017).

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