Thursday 10 January 2013

Earthquake in southern Spain.

On Thursday 10 January 2012, slightly before 12.30 am local time (slightly before 11.30 pm on Wednesday 9 January 2012, GMT), the United States Geological Survey recorded a Magnitude 3.5 Earthquake, at a depth of 21 km, beneath souther Spain, roughly 30 km northwest of Granada. This is not large enough to have caused any serious damage, though it was reportedly felt across a fairly wide area.

The location of the 10 January Earthquake. Google Maps.

Iberia is located on the extreme southwest of the Eurasian Plate, close to the margin with Africa, which is pushing into Europe from the south. At the same time there is a lesser area of geological expansion beneath the Bay of Biscay, pushing Iberia southwards. This leads to considerable tectonic stress in southern Spain, leading in turn to the occasional Earthquake.

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