Friday 6 April 2018

Georgia mine accident kills six.

Six miners, aged between 26 and 59 have been killed and another three have been injured in an accident at the Mindeli Coal Mine in Tkibuli in the Imereti Region of western Georgia on Thursday 5 April 2018. The incident was reportedly caused by a build up of pressure, which caused a wall to become deformed, eventually leading to a roof collapse.

Damage caused by a roof collapse at a coal mine in the Imereti Region of Georgia on 5 April 2018. News.Az.

The incident comes less than two weeks after a miner died in another accident in a mine in the Chiatura Region, and brings the number of deaths at the Mindeli Mine to ten since 2011. The Interior Ministry has launched an enquiry into safety standards at the mine.

The approximate location of the Mindeli Mine. Google Maps.

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