Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Tourists rescued from Scottish beach following landslide.

A group of tourists had to be rescued from a Scottish beach following a landslide on Tuesday 10 July 2018. The five tourists were visiting Auchmithie beach near Arbroath in Angus when the landslip occurred, blocking the road that provides the only way on and off the beach, and trapping the tourists, who had to be rescued by local coastguards and fishermen, who evacuated them from the beach by boat.

Landslip at Auchmithie beach near Arbroath in Angus on 10 July 2019. The Courier.

The incident is thought to have been caused by a burst water main, which leaked water into the sediments above the road, until excess pore water caused these sediments to lose cohesion and flow like a liquid. Excess pore fluids is the most common cause of landslips, with around 90% of such events occurring after extreme weather events.

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