Monday 30 December 2019

Worker injured at New Brunswick zinc mine.

A worker has been injured in a collapse at the Trevali Mining-operated Caribou Zinc Mine in New Brunswick, Canada. A section of rock wall is reported to have collapsed onto the miner's legs during drilling operations at the underground mine, pinning him to the floor. All underground operations at the mine have been suspended while the incident is investigated, though above-ground ore-processing activities have continued.

Underground drilling operations at the Caribou Mine in New Brunswick. Trevali Mining.

The Caribou Mine accesses volcanogenic metal sulphides laid down in a marine sedimentary basin in the Cambrian-Ordovician, then subsequently subjected to complex polyphase deformation and associated greenschist and blueschist metamorphism. These deposits yield zinc, lead, copper, and small amounts of silver and gold, with current mining operations concentrating on the production of zinc, lead, and silver. The ore extracted from the mine by a process of drilling an blasting, then milled, with the metals then extracted from the milled ore in a flotation pond, where the milled sulphides from the ore is reacted to form iron pyrite, leaving the target metals in a recoverable form.

Location map for the Caribou Mine. Rock Solid Resources/Trevali Mining Corporation (2018).

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