Saturday 23 March 2013

Fireball over the northeastern United States.

A fireball was seen streaking through the sky over the US Coast from South Carolina to Maine, and inland as far as Ohio and Ontario, on the evening of Friday 22 March. The object was described as outshining both the Moon and the lights of New York City, and was described as probably being a rock the size of a volleyball by Derek Pitts of the Franklin Institute.

Map showing siting reports for the 22 March fireball. Mike Hankey/American Meteor Society.

The object appears to have first become visible in the Ohio/east Pennsylvania region, moving to the east, before breaking up as it passed over New York and disappearing out to sea. Such events are relatively common, and are being noticed more in the press at the moment following the breakup of an exceptionally large object over the Russian city of Cherblinsk in February.

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