Friday 17 January 2014

Worker killed at Tasmania copper mine.

A worker has been killed at the Mount Lyell Copper Mine at Queenstown, Tasmania, at about 8.00 am on Friday 17 January 2014. George Welsh (53) of Queenstown was buried by a mud discharge while working at a lower level in the mine. A mud discharge in a mine typically happens when excavation exposes a pocket of mud (a mixture of clay and water), which then flows into the shaft.

The Mount Lyell Copper Mine. The Advocate.

This is the third fatality in six weeks at the Mount Lyell Mine. on 9 December 2013 Craig Gleeson (45) and Alistair Lucas (25), died after falling over 20 m down a shaft during maintenance work, prompting a two week closure at the mine while an investigation was carried out. The mine will now be closed again while a fresh investigation is carried out by WorkSafe Tasmania and the Tasmania Police

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