Sunday 13 April 2014

Cleanup operation underway in San Antonio, Texas, after fuel spill affects river.

A cleanup operation is underway in San Antonio, Texas, after aviation fuel spilled from a refinery reached a creek connected to the San Antonio River. The incident happened at the Calumet Specialty Products Partners refinery, at about 9.30 am on Saturday 12 April 2014, when about 4165 liters of fuel was spilled while being loaded onto a train. Of this around 380 liters escaped from the site, and 160 liters reached the creek, requiring about 50 m of river to be treated by the San Antonio River Authority and Fire Department.

The Calumet Speciality Products refinery at San Antonio. KSAT.

This is the second such spill at the Calumet refinery in San Antonio this year. In early March around 25 000 liters of fuel were spilled, resulting in parts of the city being closed off to pedestrians and cyclists for nearly a week. On this occasion the spill is less severe, though some roads are expected to remain closed to pedestrians for the weekend.

The approximate location of the Calumet Speciality Products refinery at San Antonio. Google Maps.

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