Friday 27 June 2014

At least sixteen dead after pipeline explosion in Andhra Pradesh.

Sixteen people are known to have died and over twenty more have been hospitalized following an explosion on a natural gas pipeline in Andhra Pradesh State, India at about 5.30 am loca time on the morning of Friday 27 June 2014. The explosion occurred in the village of Nagaram in East Godavari District near the Krishna River Delta, on a pipeline operated by the Gas Authority of India Limited which transports gas from a refinery operated by the state-owned Oil and Natural Gas Commission. Witnesses reported seeing flames rising 25 m into the air and incinerating homes and trees.

Fire blazing in Nagaram Village, Andhra Pradesh, following the 27 June 2014 pipeline explosion. Press Trust of India.

The cause of the explosion has not yet formally been identified, but locals in the area have reported previously raising concerns about the corroded nature of the pipeline and smells of gas emanating from it, and claim that the fire started after after a local tea vendor lit a stove. 

Local residents inspecting damage caused by the fire after it was extinguished. AP.

The approximate location of the Nagaram pipeline explosion. Google Maps.

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