Monday 12 December 2016

Museum evacuated after chemical spill.

The Discovery Gateway Children's Museum in Salt Lake City, Utah, was evacuated on Monday 12 December 2016, following a chemical spill. The spill occurred when a forklift overturned or damaged a container of glycol, which then spread through the museum's air conditioning system, reaching much of the ground floor of the building.

A specialist hazmat team responding to the 12 December 2016 Discovery Gateway Center chemical spill in Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City Fire Department.

Glycol is a major component of antifreeze as well as being a precursor chemical for polyester. It is not particularly hazardous unless ingested, however it is considered a higher risk to children as it is extremely sweet smelling and tasting, raising the risk of consumption. When consumed glycol is metabolised to glycolic acid and thence to oxalic acid, which is a powerful neurotoxin, as well as attacking the cardiovascular system and kidneys, and which can cause fatal poisoning.

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