Saturday 22 April 2017

Explosion kills three workers at Rajasthan granite mine.

Three workers have been killed and several more are being treated following an explosion at a granite mine near Dhavala in the Jalore District of Rajasthan on Monday 17 April 2017. The incident reportedly happened after one of the men attempted to cut a fuse wire with a rock rather than a pair of metal scissors. The dead men have been identified as Ramesh Kumar Koli, 40, and Jaisaram Koli, 32, both hailing from Sirohi district, and Mahendra Meena, 20, of Udaipur.

The approximate location of the Dhavala granite mine. Google Maps.

Historically Rajashan has been a major producer of limestone and marble for the construction industry, with most granite produced in India coming from the south of the country. However in recent decades an extensive granite mining industry has developed in Rajasthan, centred on Jalore District, providing granite to the fast growing cities of northeast India.

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