Saturday 23 March 2019

Landslide kills two in Doda District, Jammu and Kashmir.

Two people have been confirmed dead after a landslide hit a truck near Piyakul Kara in the Doda District of Jammu and Kashmir, India, on the evening of Friday 22 March 2018. Driver Shazad Hussain (27) and co-worker Arif Hussain were travelling from Thathri to Gandoh when they apparently came upon a prior collapse which had left the road partially blocked by debris. The men are thought to have  disembarked from the vehicle to try to clear the road, when they were hit by a second landslip, burying them under several tonnes of rock and killing them instantly.

The scene of a landslide which killed two people in Jammu and Kashmir, India, on Friday 22 March 2019. The Dispatch.

The Jammu and Kashmir region is extremely prone to landslides, due to a number of active faults in the area, these being driven by the northward movement of the Indian Plate, which is pushing into Eurasia at a rate of 40 mm a year. This causes earthquakes on both plates, as well as the folding and uplift that has created the Himalayas and the Tibetan Plateau. Typically this is more of a problem in the monsoon season in July and August, when rainfall often exceeds 650 mm per month in many areas, though landslips can occur all year round.

The approximate location of the 22 March 2019 Doda landslide. Google Maps.

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