Sunday 2 January 2022

Rain of Fish falls in Texas.

People living in and around the city of Texarkana in Bowie County, Texas, have reported a rain of Fish occurring on Wednesday 29 December 2021. The outburst lasted several minutes, and occurred during a thunderstorm, with the Fish appearing to be small, freshwater species.

A Stickleback, Gasterosteidae, that fell from the sky as part of a rain of Fish over the city of Texarkana in Texas on Wednesday 29 December 2021. City of Texarkana/Facebook.

Rains of aquatic Animals can occur when tornadoes over bodies of water suck up volumes of water including the Fish. That this could lead to rains of Fish very far from the site seems counter intuitive, but tornadoes are capable of lifting heavy objects such as cars and even houses and throwing them considerable distances, and small animals such as Fish can be thrown kilometres into the air by such events, falling to Earth a long way from the site where they were picked up.

Fish that fell on the city of Texarkana in Texas on 29 December 2021. Olivia Poulton/Facebook.

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