Sunday 27 March 2022

Hiker believed to have been killed by Bear in Montana.

A hiker is believed to have died in a Brown Bear, Ursus arctos horribilis, attack in the Absaroka Mountains of Montana on Thursday 24 March 2022. Craig Clouatre, 40, of Livingston in Park County, Montana, went missing while hiking with a friend Paradise Valley. A search carried out by officers from the Park County Search and Rescue Team, went on late into the night, but was unable to find him. The following morning a set of Human remains were discovered, showing what appeared to be signs of a Bear attack. These were subsequently identified as Mr Clouatre.

Craig Clouatre, 40, of Livingston, Montana, believed to have died in a Bear attack in Paradise Valley on Thursday 24 March 2022. Craig Clouatre/Facebook.

Brown Bears are highly adaptable large omnivores found across much of the Northern Hemisphere. They are extremely flexible in their dietary habits, and able to change their diet in response to Human or other environmental pressures in ways that few other large animals can manage. Whilst Bears have a fearsome reputation, and are rightly treated with great respect by people that share their environment, attacks on humans are exceptionally rare. 

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