Monday 9 February 2015

One killed by landslide in Chittagong Hills, Bangladesh.

One man has been killed and another four injured following a landslide at a construction site in the Siddique Nagar area of Bandarban Sadar, in the Chittagong Hills of Bangladesh, at about 11.40 am local time on Sunday 8 February 2015. The dead man has been named as Mohammad Jakaria, 24, from Teknaf in Cox's Bazar, who was killed immediately when a section of hillside collapsed onto the men. The other men were taken to the Bandarban Sadar Hospital for treatment; one was later moved to the Chittagong Medical College Hospital due to the seriousness of his condition. 

The scene of the 8 February 2015 Chittagong Hills landslide. The Daily Star.

The men are understood to have been working on a hill cutting at the time of the incident. Locals reported that they were employed by a contractor who had been asked to make a 3 m cutting into the slope, but had made a much larger cutting, around 12 m, which contravenes local legeslation, and that they had complained about the risk this presented to both to local residents and pupils at a nearby primary school.

The approximate location of the 8 February 2015 Chittagong Hills landslide. Google Maps.

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