Friday 22 July 2016

Sewage spill closes waterfront at Long Beech, California.

Parts of the harbour in Long Beech, Los Angeles, had to be closed off after a collapsed pipeline leaked about nine million liters of sewage into the Los Angeles River on Monday 18 July 2016. The sewage entered the river about 30 km upstream from the Harbour, but was rapidly swept down to the sea.

Asign warning against entering the water at Long Beech on Tuesday 19 July 2016. Steve McCrank/The Daily Breeze/AP.

As well as the obvious dangers to health presented by sewage, which is likely to contain a variety of Bacteria and other micro-organisms harmful to Human health, sewage provides a source of nutrients which can lead to eutrophication and the rapid growth of blooms of Algae, Bacteria or other micro-organisms, which absorb oxygen from the water leading Fish and other aquatic organisms to asphyxiate.

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