Tuesday 6 November 2018

Glaresis hespericula: A new species of Scarab Beetle from the Cape Verde Islands.

The Glaresidae are a family of small and rather uniform Scarab Beetles thought to be the sister group to all other Scarabs. They have a long fossil record, with seven known Mesozoic species in three separate genera. All modern members of the group are placed in a single genus, Glaresis, which currently contains 82 species, found on every major land-mass except Antarctica and Australia.

In a paper published in the journal ZooKeys on 23 October 2018, David Král and Lucie Hrůzová of the Department of Zoology at Charles University, describe a new species of Glaresis from Boa Vista Island in the Cape Verde group.

The species is named Glaresis hespericula, where ‘hespericula’ means a juvenile Hesperid. It is described from two specimens, one male and one female, collected from near Praia de Chavez. Both are robust, golden Beetles with a fine covering of short hairs. The male is 4.2 mm in length and the female 4.3 mm.

Glaresis hespericula, (1) male in dorsal view, (2) female in ventral view. Král & Hrůzová (2018) 

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