Monday 12 November 2018

Magnitude 5.2 Earthquake in Chine State, Myanmar.

The United States Geological Survey recorded a Magnitude 5.2 Earthquake at a depth of 50.4 km in Chin State, Myanmar, about 47 km to the southwest Indian border, at about 11.45 pm local time (about 5.15 pm GMT) on Saturday 10 November 2018. There are no reports of any damage or injuries following this event, though a large number of people have reported feeling it across much of northeastern India and in parts of Bangladesh.

The approximate location of the 10 November 2018 Chin State Earthquake. USGS.

Myanmar is an area fairly prone to Earthquakes; much of the country lies on the Burma Plate, a small tectonic plate caught between  the Eurasian Plate to the northeast, the Indian Plate to the west and southwest and the Sunda Plate to the southeast. As these larger plates move together the Burma Plate is being squeezed and fractured, with a major fault line, the Kabaw Fault, having formed across much of the north of the country, along which the Burma Plate is slowly splitting. Most Earthquakes in the region are caused by movement on this fault.
Witness accounts of Earthquakes can help geologists to understand these events, and the structures that cause them. The international non-profit organisation Earthquake Report is interested in hearing from people who may have felt this event; if you felt this quake then you can report it to Earthquake Report here.

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