Thursday 15 August 2019

Camper attacked by Wolf in Banff National Park.

A New Jersey man is recovering after being attacked by a Wolf in Banff National Park in Alberta Province, Canada. Matthew Rispoli was sleeping in a tent with his wife and two sons at about 1.00 am on Friday 9 August 2019, when a solitary adult male Grey Wolf, Canis lupis, ripped through the side of the tent and seized Mr Rispoli by the arm, initiating a struggle lasting several minutes, during which Mr Rispoli was unable to dislodge the Wolf, but the Wolf was unable to drag him away. This struggle ended abruptly when a neighbouring camper kicked the Wolf, causing it to flee. The Wolf was later shot by trackers from Parks Canada, who were able to confirm its identity using DNA swabbed from Mr Rispoli's wounds.

American tourist Matthew Rispoli, attacked by a Wolf in the Banff National Park. CNN.

Wolf attacks on Humans are exceptionally rare, as we are difficult prey for them, and hard to subdue, with Parks Canada only having recorded two previous incidents, one in British Columbia and one in Ontario. The Wolf in the Banf Park attack is reported to have been severely underweight, at about 35 kg, compared to a typical healthy adult bodyweight of 45-70 kg, and was presumably having trouble feeding by itself; Wolves are pack animals and often have trouble capturing prey on their own.

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