Saturday, 7 September 2013

Magnitude 4.5 Earthquake in northwest Myanmar.

A Magnitude 4.5 Earthquake at a depth of 35.8 km occurred in Sagaing Region in northwest Myanmar, close to the border with Nagaland in India, slightly before 9.55 am local time (slightly before 3.25 am GMT) on Saturday 7 September 2013, according to the United States Geological Survey. There are no reports of any damage or injuries arising from this quake, though it was felt locally.

The approximate location of the 7 September 2013 Sagaing Earthquake. Google Maps.

Northern Myanmar is an area fairly prone to Earthquakes. It lies close to the margin between the Indian and Eurasian Plates, and suffers tectonic stresses due to the northward movement of the Indian Plate, which is driving into the Eurasian Plate at a rate of about 30 mm per year, causing uplift in the Himalayan Mountains, the Tibetan Plateaux, the mountains of Central Asia, and the bordering hills that separate Myanmar from India and China.

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