Saturday 29 June 2013

Two people killed in Hunan landslide.

Two people were killed when a house collapsed in a landslide in Shuangqiao Village in Hunan Province, central China, following days of rainstorms that have led to flooding across much of the province, and a number of landslides and building collapses. A third person in the building survived the collapse, which occurred at around 1.00 pm local time (around 5.00 am, GMT) on Friday 28 June 2013.

The approximate location of the 28 June 2013 Hunan landslide. Google Maps.

Landslides are a common problem after severe weather events, as excess pore water pressure can overcome cohesion in soil and sediments, allowing them to flow like liquids. Approximately 90% of all landslides are caused by heavy rainfall.

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