Saturday 26 May 2018

Homes evacuated due to wildfires in British Colombia.

 A number of homes have been evacuated due to a series of wildfires raging in British Colombia this week. Over a dozen homes have been evacuated and more than 50 more placed on standby for further evacuations, in the Allie Lake area, north of Kamloops, where a fire expanded from covering an area of 10 km² on Thursday 24 May 2018, to over 20 km² the following day. Another two properties have been evacuated and 29 placed on alert in the Xusum Creek area, where a fire has reached over 4 km² in size. Another six fires are burning elsewhere in the province, five of them between Fort St. John and Fort Nelson.

 A wildfire to the southwest of Fort Nelson in British Colombia on Friday 25 May 2018.
Shelby Clemmer/Alaska Highway News.

Wildfires are a common problem in British Colombia in the summer, when warm dry conditions allow them to propagate easily, but this year has seen an exceptional number of fires early in the season, raising concerns about how the year may progress.

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