Saturday, 28 September 2019

Flooding kills at least fifty nine in Uttar Pradesh State, India.

Fifty nine people have been confirmed dead and thousands more have been evacuated to high ground in flooding in Uttar Pradesh State, India, this week. The floods came after the high rainfall associated with the annual monsoon began on Thursday 26 September 2019, rains which have yet to abate. The several rivers in the state have burst their banks, leading to deaths through drowning, building collapses, and Snakebites (Snakes forced out of their natural environments by flooding are at more risk of coming into conflict with Humans).

Flooding in Uttar Pradesh this week. Hindustan Times.

Monsoons are tropical sea breezes triggered by heating of the land during the warmer part of the year (summer). Both the land and sea are warmed by the Sun, but the land has a lower ability to absorb heat, radiating it back so that the air above landmasses becomes significantly warmer than that over the sea, causing the air above the land to rise and drawing in water from over the sea; since this has also been warmed it carries a high evaporated water content, and brings with it heavy rainfall. In the tropical dry season the situation is reversed, as the air over the land cools more rapidly with the seasons, leading to warmer air over the sea, and thus breezes moving from the shore to the sea (where air is rising more rapidly) and a drying of the climate.

 Diagrammatic representation of wind and rainfall patterns in a tropical monsoon climate. Geosciences/University of Arizona.

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