Sunday 8 September 2019

Malaysian woman killed by Crocodile.

A Malaysian woman has died after being attacked by a Crocodile in Sabah State, Borneo, on Saturday 7 September 2019. Nur Fatimah Saleh, 33, was washing cloths in the Sungai Tua Lama River near Kalabakan on the east coast when she was seized by the animal. According to local witnesses she had gone to the river with a friend to do their laundry, with the pair waiting to access the water as a large Crocodile was close to the washing site. The pair began cleaning their cloths after the animal moved off, but shortly after the victim disappeared, and a search was begun by local villagers. Her body was found later that day with injuries consistent with a Crocodile attack, but no body parts missing. A post mortem will be conducted.

The site where Nur Fatimah Saleh, 33, was killed by a Crocodile on 7 September 2019. The Star.

Crocodile attacks on Humans are relatively rare, but they are opportunistic ambush predators and will potentially attack anything going close to the water. Saltwater Crocodiles, Crocodylus porosus, the species responsible for almost all attacks on Humans in Asia and Australia, have a particularly poor reputation for such behaviour, being the largest species of Crocodile and notoriously aggressive. These Crocodiles are one of the few Crocodile species not considered vulnerable to extinction, being found from India to Australia  and inhabiting many areas that Humans shun, such as Mangrove forests and islands without fresh water. Unfortunately they are also found in rivers in the Indo-Pacific region, where rising Human populations is leading to increasing conflict with many animal species.

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