Thursday 5 May 2016

Bothriembryon sophiarum: A new species of Bothriembryontid Snail from the southern coast of Western Australia.

Bothriembryontid Snails are air breathing Gastropod Molluscs found in the Southern Hemisphere and thought to have originated on the ancient Gondwana Supercontinent. Different genera within the group are found on different continents, for example Prestonella is found in Southern Africa, Bothriembryon in Australia and Placostylus on New Zealand and nearby islands.

In a paper published in the journal ZooKeys on 14 April 2016, Corey Whisson of the Western Australian Museum and School of Veterinary and Life Sciences at Murdoch University and Abraham Breure of the Naturalis Biodiversity Center and Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences describe a new species of the Australian Bothriembryontid genus Bothriembryon from the southern coast of Western Australia. 

The new species is named Bothriembryon sophiarum, in honour of Sophie Jade Whisson the daughter of Corey Whisson and also Sophie J. Breure, wife of Abraham Breure. Adult specimens of the species have a slender, turret-shaped shell 4.7-6.7 mm in width and 12.7-24.4 mm in height, with 6.2-8.5 whorls, with sculpted ribs on these whorls.

Bothriembryon sophiarum. (A–D) Whole specimen (H = 14.4 mm). (E) Protoconch and early teleoconch sculpture; scale line 0.5 mm. Whisson & Breure (2016).

The Snails were found on coastal scrunb above limestone cliffs and associated slopes. In dry conditions they remained in cracks between stones, but in wetter conditions they were observed crawling on the surface of rocks.

Typical habitat of Bothriembryon sophiarum. Whisson & Breure (2016).

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