Monday 23 May 2016

Callionymus alisae: A new species of Dragonet from New Ireland.

Dragnets, Callionymidae, are benthic, sublittoral (dwelling between the low tide livel and the edge of the continental shelves), Perciform Fish found throughout the world's temperate, subtroipical and tropical seas (and occasionaly esturine or even freshwater environments), but most abundant and diverse in the western Indo-Pacific region. They have elongate, slightly flattened bodies with two dorsal fins and spines on their gill-coverings, which is venemous in some species.

In a paper published in the journal FishTaxa on 9 April 2016, Ronald Fricke of the Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde Stuttgart describes a new species of Dragonet from New Ireland Province, Papua New Guinea.

The new species is named Callionymus alisae, in reference to the French research vessel RV Alis, which collected the specimen from which the species is described. The species is describd from a single male specimen, caught to the southeast of Bauddisson Island at a depth of between 90 and 228 m. The specimen, yellowish in colour, darker towards the rear and white on the underside, with dark blue eyes and greyish spots.

Callionymus alisae, holotype, male, 32.1 mm SL, Papua New Guinea, New Ireland Province, Kavieng District. Lateral view, left side (scale indicates 15 mm). Fricke (2016).

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