Sunday 16 December 2018

Seven killed in accident at Chinese coal mine.

Seven workers have died and another three have been injured, one of them seriously, in an accident at the Fengchun Coal Mine at Chongqing in southwest China, on Saturday 16 December 2018. The incident happened slightly after 6.05 pm local time, when a skip containing coal came free and tumbled down a coal shaft. The mine owners, the Chongqing Energy Group, have suspended operations at all of their coal mines pending an enquiry into the incident.

The approximate location of the Fengchun Coal Mine. Google Maps.

China gains 70% of its energy from coal-burning power stations, which places the country under great pressure to maintain coal supplies. This has led to a poor safety record within the mining sector, particularly in the private sector, where there is a culture of seeking quick profits in poorly regulated (and often officially non-existent) mines. State owned mines are often thought to be better regulated, but still compare badly to mines in other parts of the world.

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