Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Mexican miner killed in rockfall.

A miner has died at the San Ignacio gold and silver mine in Guanajuato State, Mexico. Jesus Demetrio Ramirez Bueno, 41, died at the Great Panther Mining-owned site on the afternoon of Friday 8 November 2019. The incident is understood to have happened on an access ramp, rather than on an area of active excavation, with the area where it happened being closed while an investigation is carried out. Mining operations at the site are apparently not effected, with production continuing while the investigation is ongoing.

Mining operations at the San Ignacio mine. Great Panther Mining.

The San Ignacio mine forms part of the Guanajuato Mine Complex, which targets gold and silver precipitated in veins along faults in  a Palaeocene to Pliocene sequence of dacite-rhyolite, andesite and basalt, known as the  La Luz Vein System. These veins run north-south across the area, and predominantly contain calcite and silica, with precious metals concentrated along three main belts, the La Luz, Veta Madre and Sierra vein systems. The San Iguacio Mine is located on the La Luz Vein System.

Location map of the Guanajuato Mining District, Mexico, showing the Veta Madre, La Luz and Sierra vein systems, along with historic and recent mines. An enlargement showing veins and mines on the La Luz system is shown on the left. Moncada et al. (2017).

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