Monday 16 November 2015

A new species of Diapherid Snail from Son La Province in northwestern Vietnam.

Diapherid Snails are small terrestrial Snails found in India, China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, and Vietnam. There are about 100 species, which can be cylindrical, ovoid or hire spired, and are split into two genera, Diaphera, in which the final whorl is partially detached, and Sinoennea in which it is fully attached.

In a paper published in the Raffles Bulletin of Zoology on 23 October 2015 Do Duc Sang of the Department of Zoology at Tay Bac University and Do Van Nhuong of the Faculty of Biology at Hanoi National University of Education, describe a new species of Sinoennea from Son La Province in northwestern Vietnam.

The new species is named Sinoennea copiaensis, meaning 'from Copia' in reference to the Copia Natural Reserve where the species was first collected, though it was subsequently discovered on limestone karst outcrops at a number of locations across the province. The collected shells of the species are 11.0 to 14.6 mm in height, cylindrical with regular ribs and pearly white in colour.

Sinoennea copiaensis: (A) Apertural view; (B) and (D) side view; (C) dorsal view; (E) close up view of the aperture. Abbreviations: P, parietal tooth; pC, plate-like tooth; b, basal tooth. Do & Do (2015).

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