Saturday 27 August 2022

Abandoned mine discovered in Redruth, Cornwall.

A disused mine tunnel, thought to be over a hundred years old, has been found in the former mining town of Redruth in Cornwall, UK. The tunnel was found beneath land attached to a house by local expert Stuart Dann of survey company Mining Eye Ltd., beneath a manhole cover on the property, and is thought to present no threat to the house or any other nearby property. The accessible tunnel is about 1.6 km in length, although it was presumably once much longer as it has partially collapsed preventing further below-ground exploration. 

Previously unknown mining tunnel discovered in Redruth, Cornwall. Stuart Dann/Cornwall Live.

Old mine-workings are hardly unusual in Redruth, the town was once the richest centre of tin and copper mining in the world. However, the new tunnel appears to be part of a fairly large mining operation, the discovery of which is unusual. Stuart Dann, who has now bought the property on which the mine tunnel is situated, intends to carry out exploratory drilling work on the site to determine the extent of the tunnelling.

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